Friday, October 26, 2007

Who is really totally stupid and insane?

In an October 25th column in the Highlands Ranch Herald, Curt Dale rushed to defend comedian Rush Limbaugh, claiming that Senator Harry Reid had maligned poor Rush by quoting him out of context. Dale referred to Reid as "totally stupid." The broadcast transcript from the September 26, 2007 radio show tells a different tale, however. On that show, Limbaugh had a caller named Mike who said he was ex-military and favored withdrawal from Iraq. While talking to a new caller about his earlier conversation with Mike, Limbaugh said that people who favor withdrawal are confused and that their arguments don't make sense. The second caller declared that real soldiers are never heard from, just "soldiers that come up out of the blue," implying that Mike wasn't a real soldier. Limbaugh interrupted him saying, "The phony soldiers." The new caller replied, "The phony soldiers." Does that sound like Limbaugh was quoted out of context? Only a “totally stupid” person would say yes.

Incredibly, that wasn't the first time Limbaugh insulted our men and women in uniform. On his August 2, 2005 radio show, Limbaugh called Iraq veteran and Democratic congressional candidate Paul Hackett a "liberal Democrat trying to hide behind a military uniform" and said that Hackett only went to Iraq to pad his resume. On his January 25, 2007 radio show, he called Vietnam veteran and Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, "Senator Betrayus," because Hagel had voted on the previous day to approve a nonbinding resolution declaring that Bush's Iraq escalation policy was a mistake.

Before you think about calling somebody stupid, Mr. Dale, check your facts first. In this case you were wrong, dead wrong. Rush Limbaugh is just another hypocritical right wing thug, and a draft dodger to boot. If he is your idol, then what does that make you? Totally insane, perhaps?


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