Sunday, October 22, 2006

Both Ways Bob is at it again

I had to laugh this past week when I heard Bob Beauprez defending the illegal use of information from the NCIC crime database, claiming that the ICE agent who passed along the dirt was just a well-meaning whistle blower.

Way back in June of this year, Bob voted in favor of a House resolution condemning whistle blowers who uncovered illegal acts committed by the Bush administration and then had the temerity to publish the information in the newspaper.

Apparently, a whistle blower who illegally reveals confidential information that can be used to smear political opponents is OK with Both Ways Bob, but a whistle blower who publishes publicly available information about the Bush administration's illegal acts is not. Does that mean that Bob is actually the one who is soft on crime, since he is opposed to even revealing the existence of known lawbreakers, let alone prosecuting them?

Way to go, Bob! Keep that moral compass spinning!


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