Thursday, September 13, 2007

"We don't do body counts." -- General Tommy Franks

Recently I had an exchange with somebody on who was attacking a friend of mine who is a Vietnam vet because my friend opposes the continuing U.S. occupation in Iraq. When I let this person know that I didn't appreciate his remarks, he immediately accused me of being some sort of bleeding heart liberal who didn't understand the nature of terrorism, and asked how liberals compute terror. The following was my response:

An undeclared war justified by lies that has turned into an endless occupation.

Thousands of our nation's finest men and women dead and tens of thousands more mangled and broken.

Wounded vets denied medical and health care they were promised and deserve.

The Bill of Rights dead and buried.

Phones tapped and email intercepted without warrants or legal justification.

The Geneva Conventions labeled "quaint."

Electronic voting fraud and systematic voter suppression.

A spineless Congress and a corrupt Supreme Court majority.

Honest opposition to Bushco's policies labeled treasonous.

A compliant corporate media that systematically obfuscates and ignores real news in favor of Paris Hilton.

Right wing fanatics who are working to turn America into a Dominionist theocracy.

Willfully complicit idiots who refuse to admit that the brown shirts from 1930's Germany have become today's conservatives without conscience.

I should have known better than to attempt a discussion with this guy. I guess I should have followed the philosophy of the immortal Danny Partridge, who said "I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man." By the content of his posts, he obviously spends too much time listening to right wing talk radio. He sounds just like every caller I've ever heard, including my neo-con big brother.

When I attempted to answer his question by providing examples of domestic terrorism that would scare the bejeezus out of anyone with half a brain, his response was to call me crazy and change the subject.



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