Saturday, October 28, 2006

Living in the real world

It's hard not to feel sorry for David Cook of Loveland, who lives in a very scary world where liberal bogeymen lurk behind every corner. I sure hope Dave doesn't get too lonesome, though, because the rest of us have to live in the real world.

In Dave's world, liberals are disgusting the voters. In the real world, Republican corruption, immorality, malfeasance, and plain old stupidity over the last 12 years have done more to disgust and discourage voters than anything else imaginable. You can't blame liberals for that, except maybe for not working hard enough to stop it.

In Dave's world, illegal immigrants will be granted amnesty by liberals. In the real world, George W. Bush and John McCain have a plan to legalize the presence of illegal immigrants by turning them into indentured servants working for slave wages. Not exactly amnesty, is it?

In Dave's world, polygamy will become legal. In the real world... Oh, never mind.

In Dave's world, liberal judges write laws. In the real world, special interests write most of the laws in Congress. The majority of judges in America have been appointed by Republican presidents and governors, or elected by the people. Since 2001, George W. Bush has ignored nearly 800 laws passed by Congress. In the real world, judges would get a chance to hold him accountable.

In Dave's world, liberals kill babies. In the real world, liberals recognize that sometimes tough decisions have to be made by a woman after discussions with her family, her physician, and God. In the end, the decision is up to a woman alone, and she alone will have to deal with the consequences.

In Dave's world, liberals aren't Christians. In the real world, liberals pray for folks like Dave every day. Our God is powerful, and He sure doesn't need the help of government to get His message across. We ask God to help folks like Dave understand that, and to stop trivializing religion in His name.

In Dave's world, taxes are evil. In the real world, America is drowning in debt that our grandchildren will have to repay to the Chinese. Liberals recognize that isn't fair, and that something has to be done about it.

In Dave's world, we pick and choose who is eligible for basic human rights. In the real world, when we deny those human rights to others and to our own citizens, and when we flout the Geneva conventions, America becomes just as evil as the terrorists who would destroy us.

In Dave's world, sticking your head in the sand is staying the course. In the real world, you fix a failed strategy. You don't deny its failure and attack those who point it out in the first place. You figure out what went wrong, you hold those in charge responsible, and you clean up the mess.

Dave's world is a scary place, but it's not real. We must all remember that and make sure that we vote in the real world on November 7.


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