Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bob Schaffer - "Democrats are just weird"

Bob Schaffer is at it again. The September 28 issue of the Highlands Ranch Herald had this gem:
Democrats on any given day are just weird.
He criticized Democrats for bringing a bill to "make you and I criminals if we did not have suitable dog houses in our own back yards," yet according to Schaffer, "Democrats killed the bill." So, when did this happen Bob, and who sponsored the bill? Of course, you get much better sound bites if you just make stuff up. Hmm. Doesn't the Ninth Commandment come into effect here, Bob?

This isn't the first time Bob has placed his foot squarely in his mouth. I covered this item last November.

According to the Herald article, Bob is running for re-election to the Colorado Board of Education. Apparently, Bill "Woody" Owens appointed him to the board last December to replace Clair Orr of Greeley.

May God have mercy on us if he gets re-elected...


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